Slip and Fall

Statistics have proven that close to 9 million visits to hospital Emergency Rooms throughout the country each year are due to slips, trips and falls. As you more than likely have noticed in your daily life, you can possibly slip, trip or fall almost anywhere – home, school, work, on the street, in the store, etc.

While there may be many instances where you are able to brush yourself off and keep moving on with your day after experiencing these brief moments of stumbling, there are many other cases that may be more severe and may need a lot more than just a simple brushing off. What should you do in these situations, especially when the reason for your incident was due to someone else’s negligence? Contact the Jeffrey S. Benjamin Law firm today to obtain your legal options.  A property owner is responsible for the conditions in which they keep their property.  Dangerous and/or hazardous conditions may arise and you can be seriously injured due to the property owner’s negligence.

Do Not Overlook the Incident

One of the things that you definitely do not want to do when you have experienced a slip, trip or fall due to someone else’s negligence is overlook the incident. Tens of thousands of people lose their lives in these types of incidents each year and that does not include the number of people who live to talk about it and whose lives are never the same again afterwards. There are laws in place that can protect you and your family when these incidents arise, regardless of where they take place.  Our firm can assist you in getting the justice that you deserve.  If you have been injured on a property, immediately report the incident to the owner or police and seek medical attention.


Consult the Legal Advice of an Expert

Even though it may seem easier just to deal with these incidents on your own or even to just forget about them all together, the best thing you can do after these incidents, is trust in the expertise of the Jeffrey S. Benjamin law firm.  With slip, trip and fall cases and other personal injury incidents, there are rights that need to be preserved and legal action that should be taken against the negligence that has occurred.  If the injuries that you have been forced to suffer after your incident originated from the negligence of someone else (whether they are single individuals or large corporations), they should be held accountable for those incidents.  A minor injury is never “small”.  You should not have to suffer at the hand of someone else.

“Who Can I Turn To?”

In these cases, you need someone that has a wealth of experience in working with slip, trip and fall lawsuits and also has maintained a solid reputation within this particular field for getting quality results for their clients.

Attorney Jeffery S. Benjamin, has been able to maintain his own successful track record for almost three decades. He has been able to settle the majority of his personal injury cases without setting a single foot in the courtroom and has been publicly recognized for winning several big cases over the years. Trust in his expertise, knowledge and experience so that he can provide you with the assistance that you need.


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