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South Florida Product Defects

Thousands of people in the US are injured due to defective products each year.  Certain individuals or businesses can be held accountable for the damages. This is due to product liability laws. While most cases involved in product liability may seem overwhelming, an attorney with experience in handling such cases is your best option.

Understanding Product Liability

More often than not, it’s difficult to determine if a product is indeed defective in order to prove your case.  There are many types of product liabilities such as store products, medical devices, vehicle products, home products, boat products, and the list goes on.  The law holds individuals involved in the process of distributing and manufacturing the product, accountable for the distress or damage the product caused. Choosing an experienced attorney such as Jeffrey S. Benjamin can provide you with the highest quality of knowledge and service for your case.


Types of Product Defects

Design Defect:

Design Defects are a flaw in the initial design of the product, which results in injury due to the danger it presents.

Marketing Defect:

Marketing Defects fall on the marketers of the product. This can include failure to include all the instructions, insufficient labeling, and failure to include warnings or possible dangers.

Manufacturing Defect:

When the product fails to conform to designer or manufacturer specifications, this causes the design to fail, causing serious injury and/or death.

Saving Product Documentation

While it may seem like a hassle to save all of the boxes and supporting instructions, it can be extremely helpful if you are dealing with a product defect. Since there are different ways the product could have been defective, having the complete package can help you determine whether it was a manufacturing defect, marketing defect, or design defect. With that said, you may find it helpful to dedicate a specific place in your home like a drawer or extra space in the closet, to help you keep track of all your products, especially if you come to find that it is defective.

Some of the most important information you will want to keep on file in case of a product defect includes:

  • Produce Name/Manufacturer
  • Model Number
  • Serial Number
  • Receipt of Purchase

If individuals or companies don’t hold themselves accountable for a product defect that has caused grave danger or death, a product defect attorney should get involved. The Jeffrey S. Benjamin Firm represents individuals who have dealt with dangerous product defects. He can help you file a defective product lawsuit or map out all of your options to help you better understand the complex issues at hand. Trust in our firm to help receive the compensation and justice you deserve due to the negligence of others.


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