Negligent Security


Tens of thousands of robberies occur throughout the country every year, ranging from something as small as jewelry in a jewelry box to automobile and even more valuable assets as well. Millions of dollars are spent annually on different forms of security – whether it is through living in a gated community, having a security system installed in your home or office, hiring a team of security guards and officers to protect your assets and so on. However, when your valuable possessions are robbed or damaged to due to negligent security of an individual or company, there is something to be done to pursue the losses and damage that has occurred.  Contact our law firm today to take action against the negligence that has occurred.

The Purpose of Security

One of the things that many people seem to forget is that if they are trusting in some form of confirmed and verified security (whether it is an actual security guard or an electronic security system), they are investing in the expectation of protection whenever necessary.

When this protection is proven to be insufficient through any type of security breach (such as what occurs during a robbery), they are placed on the losing end of that investment. Is that the way that it should be? Of course not! They did their part by investing in that quality security system or team in the first place so they should not be left to deal with the negligence of that security in these tragic situations.  Seeking legal assistance will help you to learn your options and seek a recovery for your losses.

If you have experienced some sort of security breach that has caused you or someone you know to suffer a loss, contact an attorney to investigate that loss and seek recovery. For instance, if someone’s car gets robbed from a secured garage, they may say “At least I am okay and my insurance will cover it!” That is not true in many cases.  Never assume anything and learn your legal rights by contacting our firm.

If your home is robbed and your defective security system does not alert the police in time, you may think it’s okay with letting it slide because of still being able to live to talk about it afterwards. Contrary to popular belief, this is not acceptable. If there is any type of negligence involved when it comes to the protection of your security, then someone should be held responsible for that negligence – regardless if you are “okay”!

“Regardless if you are Okay!”

Who Do I Call?

When it comes to situations like these, you may not have the slightest idea who to call for assistance. Do not feel alone, because most people that are struggling with these tragic incidents are also faced with the same dilemma. You need to trust in an attorney that has a successful track record of these types of cases seeking justice for their clients.

Jeffery S. Benjamin has proven over the past 30 years that he has been practicing law that he successful in getting his clients the justice that they deserve when it comes to such cases as personal injury, medical malpractice and even negligent security. You should not have to bear the weight of these situations on your own and will not have to either as long as you trust in the firm of Jeffery S. Benjamin.


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